Include the Hélène De Beir Foundation in your will

You can support the work of the Hélène De Beir Foundation by including it in your will. In case you already give financial support to the Hélène De Beir Foundation, you hereby augment and prolong your commitment. You can change your will at all times. By recording your last wishes in a will, everything shall be carried out as you had instructed.

Different types of wills

Holographic will

a will written, dated, signed in your own hand. You can place it for safekeeping at the Estate Lawyer's office. Because of the rather complicated calculations and formalities we advise you to consult an estate lawyer.

Notarial will

a will written by you together with an estate lawyer of your choice who draws up the document while you dictate. You sign the will and the estate lawyer will store it for safe-keeping.

International will

a will submitted by the testator to an estate lawyer, who then in turn draws up a statement. The estate lawyer stores the will and the statement in a sealed envelope for safe-keeping.

We strongly advise you to draw up your will in consultation with an estate lawyer. The estate lawyer will store your will for safe-keeping and will carry out everything according to your instructions.  Naturally part of your capital is intended for your inheritors, but apart from this anyone is free to decide what happens to his property in the event of his death.

Inheritance tax (part which goes to the government) on your legacy can increase considerably, even as much as 65%. But in case you opt to bequeath your legacy to the Hélène De Beir Foundation the tax charges will be noticeably less: 8.8% in Flanders, 7% in Wallonia and 6.6% in Brussels-Capital Region (instead of 12.5% for non-profit organisations).

You can also decide to bequeath part of your capital to the Hélène De Beir Foundation and still bequeath, after deduction of inheritance tax, the greater part to your inheritors. This is known as DUO-LEGACY.

In case you are considering to include the Hélène De Beir Foundation in your will, please contact Mrs Anne Van den Bussche, our inheritance expert. She will advise and assist you in all discretion and free of obligations and inform you on which solution would best suit you and your inheritors.

Contact Anne Van den Bussche

portret Anne Van den Bussche

Anne says

“It is always special when people decide to support the Hélène De Beir Foundation through a legacy. When they ask for me advice, it is often the case that our conversations turn to very personal and sensitive matters. I deal with these matters discretely and professionally, in the same way I behave in my dealings with estate lawyers and asset managers.

Years ago I helped in setting up the Hélène De Beir Foundation and therefore I will make sure that I act in conformity with the ideals and operations of the Foundation. The wishes of the testator or testatrix are most important to me and I assist and advise everyone with a need for information. I am really pleased that I can be of service with my expertise.”